SleepWise Heat Regulating Mattress Protector


Protectiva + is the best of everything that is available today and you would want in a mattress protector. High quality, Australian Made, they are the complete protection system for your bed.

Completely waterproof yet breathes freely and are excellent for helping with heat retention. Naturally anti-microbial and bacterial, they are ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Why It Is Important To Use A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector assists with good sleep hygiene. Dust mites live in soft furnishings such as bedding and mattresses. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed off human skin scales. They are one of the most common allergen triggers for asthma, especially in humid and coastal parts of Australia.

Did You Know…?

Your mattress will gain weight over time. Mattresses contain dust mites that feed off dead skin. The average person sheds approximately 6 kilos of dead skin a year. You spend on average a third of your life in bed so, it is fair to assume that you will shed 2 kilos of skin into your bed. Every year.

Also, the average person can sweat half a litre every night. Add that to the shed skin and it is no wonder your mattress gains weight, and attracts microscopic mites.

That is why you need a high quality, comfortable and waterproof Protectiva + Mattress Protector on every bed in your home.

SleepWise has the ultimate in temperature regulating technology.

Naturally regulates your night time temperature with Sleepwise, a natural heat regulator that is efficient and unobtrusive. Tencel is  a natural Eucalyptus fibre that is wonderfully fluffy surface that is incredibly soft and quiet.

Features a breathable, waterproof membrane to protect your mattress.

10 Year Product Guarantee

Machine Wash & Light Tumble Dry

Asthma & Allergy Friendly


Double, King, King Single, Long Single, Queen, Single, Split King, Split Super King, Super King


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